Loudtoys Studio was created by musicians for musicians. We combine digital technology with the best of traditional analogue to deliver big lush sounds like the studios of years gone by.

Loudtoys Studio is a complete recording complex comprising a good sized live/tracking room and separate acoustically designed control room with a direct line of sight into the tracking room.

Located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide and only 35 minutes from Adelaides CBD, we are close to local restaurants, cafes, pubs and 15 minutes to the Fleurieu wine region. We cater for all musical genres: rock, hard and heavy, metal, pop punk, emo, pop, blues, jazz, anything really...

Loudtoys Studio is a friendly relaxing creative space for musicians, artist and producers to.. well.. simply make music

If you would like to discuss your recording project or mixing project and get a quote you can email us at: loudtoys@bigpond.com or even better phone us direct:

Willi 0487 281412 or Sam 0421-316941
ABN 82 829 074 667



Sam Gutwein is a highly talented young musician / audio engineer who brings that modern young approach to recording. A graduate from the University of Adelaide (Diploma of Audio Engineering) Sam is the house engineer and specialist mix engineer. Like his father, he prefers to plays drums in bands however he also studied piano, voice and guitar. Sams talents are incredibly diverse having scored music for musicals to recording and mixing his passion of modern metal, punk/pop, emo music. As a team Willi and Sam combine the best of old skool and new school recording skills and knowledge.



Willi cut his teeth and learnt his craft recording in true analogue studios back in the eighties and nineties hence the design and set up of Loudtoys Studio. Willi was based in Sydney for over 20 years as a musician and live audio engineer working with many of the biggest names in Australian music along with many international artists. Willi is an accomplished drummer and songwriter lyricist with his previous bands having 11 releases nationally and internationally in USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Studio Toys
Toft ATB32 Console (modded), 32 Chane'ls of Lynx Aurora Converters
Pro Tools 12 on Apple iMac 27 CTO i7 Quad 3.5, 16GB

Monitoring: Control Room:
Yamaha NS10s with Brook NS12 Amp, Mackie 824 Mk2 monitors, Avantone Mixcubes
Krix Seismix 12" Sub, KRK Rokit 5 monitors, PreSonus Central Station Monitor Control

Neumann U87a1, AKG C414's, SE2200a, 5 x Sennheiser 421 U5 vintage
Peluso P84 (matched pair), Beyer 201, Rode NT5s (matched pair)
Shure SM7B, Super55, Beta 52's, Beta 91, SM81, SM57's, SM5's8

Hardware Toys:
SSL Chanel Strip, Manley Vari Mu Bus Comp, SSL5000 Bus Comp, API2500 Bus Comp
Drawmer S2 Stereo Comp, UA LA-2A, Golden Age 3A's, Empirical Labs Distressor's x 2
dbx 162SL Stereo, dbx 160A's, dbx1066, dbx 120A, Warm WA76's, Symetric 425 Comps's
Alesis 3630 Stereo Comp (vintage modded), JBL M712 (vintage modded) Stereo Comp
Drawmer DS404 and 201 gates x 12
Lexicon PCM96, Lexicon MX300, TC Electronics D Two Delay, Roland SDE 330 Digital Delay, Yamaha Rev5, Yamaha SPX990

Plug In Toys:
Waves Platinum VS9, Waves SSL 4000 Collection, Waves API2500, Soundtoys 5, Fab Filter
Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0, Steven Slate Drums (Platinum), BIAS FX Professional
Chris Lord-Alge LA-2A, 3A, 1176 (Blue and Black series), Kramer Master Tape, Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, Greg Wells ToneCentric

We offer full analogue tracking and mixing for that big warm sound or DAW software based mixing and a combination of both.
Full band recordings: Whether its a budget demo or a single-EP or album quality release we can help with song arrangements and production input whilst maintaining the original integrity of your song(s) and sounds.
Solo artist: We can help with access to session musicians, provide midi drums, and help with song arrangements and overall production.
Project mixing and Drum tracking is our specialty, in-house instruments also available. Please check the studio toys list.

Special deals for album projects, singles or demo’s, full drum tracking a specialty, mixing or re-mixing.
Need Pre-production rehearsal or general rehearsal, check for availability.
Hourly rates vary dependant of your need, contact us for pricing.

  • Port Noarlunga South SA, Australia